Your Career at Dodge’s

Our Purpose is for you to develop your leadership and enjoy your work at an extraordinary level not experienced before. Our Vision is a firm belief that we have a unique opportunity at Dodge’s to positively impact the quality of life for people with whom we interact and for the communities in which we live.

We think about this from two points of view:

First, for our Guests, we want to “MAKE THEIR DAY” so they feel better about themselves when they crank their car to leave Dodge’s than they did when they turned off the car to come inside. Every day there are hundreds of opportunities for you to make our Guests feel GREAT through friendly, kind, smiling and personalized interaction.  Because of you, we can MAKE THEIR DAY.  Your ability to create the party-like interaction with our Guest is what makes the difference.  And as you well know, we all feel and do better when we do nice things for others!

Secondly, for all our team members, we want you to learn – and teach – life skills to our other team members, to your family, and to your community.  We will provide you with many opportunities to learn life skills that not only apply to Dodge’s, but will also apply to the quality of your entire life.

Our Mission is to lead the transformation of the entire Convenience Industry from “C” to “E” – from “Convenience” to “Experience”.  We are a leader of this nationwide transformation.  And in so doing, we will make our communities a better place to live by doing good for all of our Guests. This in turn will make us more successful and will enable us to continue to do well so that we can create even more opportunities for all of our folks – more compensation, better benefits, continued professional training, additional staff expansion, frequent facility upgrades, and accelerated new construction.

Over the years we have been asked, “What makes Dodge’s such a high performing team?”  Our answer is simple.  We are Vision Guided, Purpose Centered, Mission Driven, Value Based, and Guest Focused.  And we are committed to achieving Extraordinary Outcomes.

If you are selected to become a member of our Team, you will be introduced to a lot of processes and procedures during your initial training period.  These processes and procedures will make your responsibilities more enjoyable and will make your sense of achievement more rewarding.  Be eager to learn everything!  Ask lots of questions!  Understand WHY we do the things we do and also HOW we think about the business.  And bring yourself to your work completely – head and heart, because there is always a better way.  And you are an important part of that better way.

The world is rapidly changing and we must continue to change as well.  We wish that we could tell you that you’ll “have it all” after your initial training period; but, unfortunately, it will probably take you 90-120 days before you really understand the HOWS and the WHYS and can execute perfectly.  Perfect execution is what we strive for knowing full well that it is impossible to achieve all the time but that in the pursuit of perfect execution we can catch moments of extraordinary excellence.

Your leadership by example is the key to your success, your family’s success, your community’s success – and to our success.  You and your team members are the most important people in the Dodge’s story.

Your execution is our competitive advantage!

We are excited!  Hope you are too!  Join our Team. Apply Now.