The “Right” People are our most important asset

Honesty, Integrity, and Trust are vital

Personal Commitment is the key to 
Extraordinary Outcomes

Heartfelt Commitment to Extraordinary Outcomes will result in “Possibility

Our people can “Possibility Think” and in so doing, discover new possibilities

“Business as Usual” Outcomes are unacceptable

Our people can and want to develop their Leadership

Leadership can be taught to everyone, learned by
 anyone and should be denied to no one

You manage money, time, inventory, processes; you lead people

Our people can and want to enjoy their work -
 Have fun

Our people can and want to provide Superior Guest Satisfaction

Professional and personal growth for our people
 is our responsibility

Continuous training/education is absolutely essential

Our people must be given the “space” to reach their Commitment

In a High Sense of Urgency

In working as a Team – Team Building

Our people will be well compensated; but the satisfaction of gaining knowledge, enjoying relationships, building self-image, acquiring more responsibility and receiving recognition are even more important

In collective responsibility

We will never knowingly let each other down